MPSepang Client Charter

Result – MPSepang Client Charter Day Period
1. Planning approval process in an efficient, orderly, comply with all regulations set up the approval of the local committee meetings.  30 Days
2. Quatation and tender process from receipt of the citations / Tender. 45 Working Days
3. Submit a response status to customer complaints. 14 days from the date of receipt
4. Feedback reservation utilities. 3 Working  days of complete application
5. Approval of the application process for earthworks, road & drainage is complete and complies with the technical requirement

1a- Approval of earthworks
1b-Approval of road and drainage
1c- Approval of earthworks, road and drainage

30 Working Days
6. The application process for approval of road excavation permit and full path permit. 30 working days
7. Approve payment of assesement tax by installments. Immediately
8. Processing payments to supplier after receipt of complete documents in the treasury department. 7 days
9. Application to transfer documents submitted with complete and comply counter valuation. Processed within 1 days
10. Ensure that application are processed and decided by a remission period after the term expires. 1 Month
11. Application exchange correspondence address submitted with complete documentation and compliance with the terms of the counter valuation Department. Processed within 1 days
12.Probate tax assessement is issued. 7 days of complete application
13. Confirmation letter issued on heavy vehicle parking. 7 days of complete application
14. Surat tawaran premis dikeluarkan selepas pengesahan kerosakan dari Jabatan Bangunan Within 14 Days
15. Premises offer letter issued after verification of the damage from the Department of Building. Processed within 30 days of receipt application
16. Building Plan Approval.
– Building public housing facilities, shops/offices, factories, institution and complex.
– Detached / twin provided with infra approval.
– Additions or amendments home/shop/office/factory with payment terms and complet document.
-While building permit
-Involving technical review
-That does not involve technical review (such as billboards and hoarding project)
17. Approval CFO after receiving E form. Within 14 Days
18. Inspects and action on complaintsrelated to hygiene of food premises and related. Within 48 hours after receiving complaints
19. Proses and approved application complete dog license. Immediately
20.Ensuring conformity compound and process billing charges for each offense notice. Within 10 minutes
21. Managed the registration and issuance of a certification of a certification JMB. Within 14 Days of the date of receipt of complete application documents certificate.
22. Coordinate maintanance charges due notice by the developer/agency. Within 14 days of complete application
23. Monitor the performance of contractors for garbage collection (Recomendations 2015) 3 Times a week
24. All applications are complete and comply with the licensing conditions are processed and decisions ( including des\cisions passed, tough and rejected). Within 14 working Days
25.Applications for licenses are not at risk of complete and comply with licensing conditions. Immediately
26. Doing enforcement by the act/law circular predetermined.