Every application for license through the Sepang Municipal Council is processed on a complete request and complies with the licensing and legal requirements. Here are the three stages of the process for related applications :

Immediate Process
1. Application for Business Trades Licenses (Immediate)

14 Hours Working Time Process
1. Application For Business And Industrial Trades Licenses (14 Days)

30 Hours Working Time Process
1. Application For License / Permit (Night Market / Market Sari / Public Market / Hawker / Advertising And Table Chair Permit  / Footstool
2. Application For Change / Add Address And Change Of Company Name / Nominee / License Of Company)
3. Application For Entertainment And Sport Events
4. Application For Stage Performances Permit (Religious Ceremony)
5. Application For Entertainment / Snooker / Video License

Please click this link for information on the types of application forms / checklists)