• To create and foster a good relationship between the Council and organisations/ other institutions such as the residents’ association, neighbourhood watch and others through the Residents’ Consultative Committee (JPP).• Hold meetings with the residents to discuss the local problems.
  • Activate community programmes without marginalising the senior citizens
  • Plan and execute sports development programmes
  • Coordinate the Council’s Annual sports activities
  • Aiding the government in the organisation of state and national level sports activities
  • Conduct management and maintenance works of sports complexes
  • Handle the reservations of sports complexes, hall and fields.

The List of Services at the Service Counters of the Sepang Municipal Council:

  • Application and payment of rent for equipments and facilities under the supervision of MPSepang
  • Assessment rate revision
  • Alteration of names and property titles
  • Payment of MPSepang assessment rates
  • Payment of the Selangor Local Authorities assessment rates (by submitting the latest assessment rate receipts)
  • Payment of the Selangor Land Office land revenues (by submitting the latest assessment rate receipts )
  • Matters concerning the application to alter buildings, developments and others related to the OSC
  • Payments of all matters related to MPSepang such as compounds, penalties and so on.
  • General enquires pertaining to the services offered at the MPSepang

1) Branch Office of Taman Putra Perdana, Puchong and Branch Office of Sungai Pelek

Services provided :

  • Payments of assessment rates of the Selangor Local Authorities
  • Payment of land tax in Selangor
  • Renewals of all types of business licences excluding night market licences
  • Renewals of dog licences
  • Applications for modification of buildings
  • Acceptance of public complaints
  • Application for change of name and address of property
  • Compound payments

2) Branch Offices of BBST / Drive Thru Counters

i) Branch Offices of BBST

Services provided :

  • Application for building modification
  • Acceptance of public complaints
  • Payment for rentals of shops and food courts
  • Compound payments
  • Application for change of name and address of property

ii) Drive Thru Counters

Services which are provided:

  • Payment of assessment rate of the Selangor Local Governments ( current tax and with original receipts)
  • Cash payment of land revenues ( through the original current receipt)