• Processing all applications and new staff recruitments within the period of three months from the date of advertisement.
  • Ensuring the management of the Administrative Office abides by the circulars of the Public Service Department and the State Circulars.
  • Records all leave applications of staff within 24 hours of the receipt of application.
  • Preparing the necessary documents for staff pension management to the Public Service Department two years prior to the retirement of staff.
  • Preparing the Trainings and Courses Calendar for each staff every December.

Rental of Facilities

Group of TenantsStatusRental rate
Group A
The Public, Private, Bodies/Organisations/Clubs and all Private Agencies.
100% of the stipulated rent rate.
Group B
All government departments including schools and all government agencies recognised by the government authorities.
Maximum RM 200.00 or whichever is lower
Group C
Staff of MPSepang still under employment only and for personal use only.
25% of the payment levied.
Group D
All functions, inaugural speeches, official visits and etceteras which are ordered by the State Government (YB, Selangor State Secretary) and each MPSepang Council Member for personal use only.
Payment exempted.
  • Reservation matters and payments must be made at the Head Office of the Sepang Municipal Council and all enquiries regarding this service can be corresponded through this line 03 – 83190200 / 83190300.
  • Click here to download the application forms.